NFT collection on OpenSea — Crypto Pixel Pets

A pet always changes life for the better.

Each pet is unique, and together we strive to accelerate NFT implementation — collection on OpenSea: Crypto Pixel Pets, realize their full potential, and form a strong community that values creativity.

Pet Collection: Crypto Pixel Pets at OpenSea

Pets show their gratitude by bringing prey to the owner. And if you’ve created a good life for your pet, you can expect gifts from it. Yes-Yes! The prey animals often fetches to their owners is the gift, expression of their “thank you”. The pets bring success on the path of owner’s life. Now your life will never be the same.

15 types of pets: 15 000 generations of unique Crypto Pixel Pets. Generation script on GitHub
Cats: 1000
14 types of pets? Coming Soon: 14 000

All pets have the right to find their own home with a good owner. Enjoy the pleasure of choosing a pet, it will be happy for its new owner.